Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

OEM/ODM customized service

K-free provides customers with personalized design and manufacturing services, which specifically cover the entire process from product shape design, structural design, abrasive tool design, component design, machine installation and integration, equipment testing, software customization and after-sales service to meet the needs of each customer. The unique needs of the product.


Hardware OEM/ODM service: In-depth analysis with customers systematically, application demand-oriented, customized services from local to overall in varying degrees, to create a proprietary platform for you.

1. According to the design plan or prototype provided by the customer (industrial design, shape design, structure design, process design)

2. Provide reference for selection of electrical components or specified by customers

Software ODM service: Provide a complete set of customized services, tailored to your products from application software demand analysis, confirmation schemes, application middleware development, etc.

Customized service process

1. Design creativity
The company's professionals communicate closely with customers, discuss and confirm customer needs, and form a design concept that meets the customer's conceptual image and functional requirements for terminal equipment. At the same time, the two parties conduct preliminary production and manufacturing reliability demonstrations.
2. Product demonstration

Professional and technical personnel conduct demonstrations on the system application of each functional module of the product, and select components that meet the safety certification.

3. Product manufacturing
The company's production department manufactures according to the CAD drawings of the products, and finally turns the drawings into real products.
4. Product integration
The PDA and multi-function peripheral modules (touch screen monitors, printers, various input devices and other high-quality components) determined in the design and selection stage are assembled and integrated to meet the application requirements of the terminal products.
5. Product testing
The technicians conduct a comprehensive test of the hardware system and software system of the product to make it conform to the relevant national standards.