Drug regulatory solutions
Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

The electronic drug supervision system solution is specially used for the state supervision of drugs in the production and circulation process, realizes the traceability and management of drugs by the regulatory authorities and manufacturers, and plays a very important role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of drug manufacturers and consumers .


The plan achieves the goal:

1. Manufacturers and distribution companies can quickly understand the pharmaceutical market, protect intellectual property rights, achieve brand promotion, and master logistics information;

2. Consumers can inquire about the authenticity and quality of medicines by means of text messages, phone calls, the Internet, and terminal facilities;

3. The regulatory and law enforcement departments can timely grasp the information about drug counterfeiting and illegal laws and quickly take enforcement actions, conduct process tracing and accountability for quality problems, and conduct timely and accurate recall management of problems and defective products.


Terminal solution function:

1. The entire process from production and delivery, circulation, transportation, storage to delivery to medical institutions is under the supervision of the drug regulatory authority;

2. Real-time query of the production, operation, inventory and flow of each box, each box, and each batch of key drugs. When there is a problem, it can be quickly traced and recalled;

3, information warning

1) Early warning of over-qualified production and operation of various enterprises;

2) Early warning of abnormal drug sales volume can indicate whether there is drug abuse, or a large number of drugs may be sold in a short time to indicate possible disease prevalence;

3) The quantity and variety of medicines delivered and received are verified and pre-warned, and whether the medicines are lost in time;

4. Terminal mobile law enforcement. Drug supervision and inspection personnel can enter the mobile law enforcement system through handheld terminal devices, and conveniently conduct timely inspections on the spot.


System implementation characteristics:

1) Unique identification, full tracking

Through the scanning function of the mobile terminal, each drug can be uniquely identified and tracked throughout the whole process, and the functions of government supervision, logistics applications, merchant settlement, and consumer inquiries are unified.

2) The database centrally stores dynamic information

Through the data collection and transmission functions of mobile terminals, the real-time centralized storage of drug dynamic information in the super-large-scale supervision database is realized, and the demand for real-time dynamic information sharing and use of production, circulation, consumption, and supervision is met at the same time.

3) National unified and seamless coverage

By seamlessly connecting mobile terminals with the national drug electronic supervision system network platform, it meets the requirements of national unification and full-process supervision of sales and circulation.

4) Full information sharing

Through the mobile terminal, the closed-loop information collection of the source of drug production, circulation and consumption provides real-time information sharing for quality inspection, industry and commerce, commerce, drug supervision and other related departments, and provides product quality traceability, accountability, problem recall, and law enforcement anti-counterfeiting The necessary information basis.


Proposal value analysis:

Through mobile handheld terminal equipment and electronic supervision system, it is conducive for the supervision department to strictly monitor the whole process of medicines from production and delivery, circulation, transportation, storage and consumption, and real-time query the production, The specific flow of inventory, sales and logistics distribution, etc., when encountering problem drugs, it can quickly trace the batch, quantity, location, online production quantity, remaining inventory, etc. of the problem drug to minimize the cost of recall.